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Breakfast Treat
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Eastern Washington Weather and our View from the deck.

We can see for miles from our deck and we see how fast the weather moves and how different in very little distance here.
This picture was taken looking South,  You can see the rain falling.  The hill is the Royal City Sloap  and the open sky piece is at that time directly over Mardon.  You can see the rain falling.over Royal City whick is at the top of the sloap and 15 miles from our house.

This is looking toward the area where we had a picnic  lunch today with family on the West side of the Columbia River at a State park.  It was the third picture taken
This is 45 miles to the top of the ridge seen.

This is looking West Northwest  and you can see the end of the storm   clouds just about at the edge of our property.

This is looking North  and that row of trees in front of the van  ( far away )  You can see the outlind of mountain gops through them,  That if 50 miles away  the ones on the left you see in the breaks  are 35 miles away.  No storm there at that time.

I finished dishing up the dog food and then took pictures.

Note how far north the storm has moved.   Anika Waiting for her dinner.

This is looking North North west,  the storm has already moved up over our house and to the north.  It took 12 minutes for the rain to come from Royal City to our house.

I love being able to see mountains as far away as Yakima,  Wenatchee    and almost to the Canadian Border.  

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