Breakfast Treat

Breakfast Treat
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Friday, June 15, 2012

New foster pup June 2012

I am trying to find a good short name for this cutie.    He loves visiting through the fence with our dogs but is not sure what to think about people.   It is how a pup raised in a barn with little human contact acts.   Duke our new resident pup will be in the pictures also.  He is a digger.  You will see a cement walk.   Duke dug under it to the point the pup fits nicely there.  Rather than be touched by a human,  he hid there and I had to get town and reach way under to get a hold of his collar and bring him out.    We are filling in the hole made by Duke.
Hello pup,  my name is Cassie,  what is your name.

Yah,  Yah,  Duke but the water is over here.

Confab at the water dish,  Duke's head is under Cassie's Chin

I am not too sure about these weeds here.

Ok,  I will look at you if you insist but the dogs are a lot more fun.

All right all ready,  I am smiling,  are you happy?

Duke,  is she always like this?  first a video then this,  I am tired.

The above is a link to the best I could get at this time.  When he gains confidence with people,  I will get a much better video.