Breakfast Treat

Breakfast Treat
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ty just a great Border Collie pup

Mom doesn't know why I was in a shelter,  so my story has to start with coming to my foster home.  I was shy and scared,  I preferred to stay in my crate.     There was this cute pup named Ephie who was about 6 weeks older than me  ( I was just getting my 16 week teeth then ).   Mom said she thought Ephie would enjoy my company so I went on the deck and hid.  Ephie teased my until I tried playing with her,  WOW it was fun.  The games were all fast and she could sure wear me out.     I pouted and sulked when Ephie went to her adoptive home.    Dad thinks I need to learn people talk so I am learning Sit,  Down,  Easy,  Ball,  Find it  and my favorites are treat and tomato,  I know go crate real good and prefer my naps are in my crate.     I like big marrow bones,  bully sticks and Tomatoes.  Did I say Tomatoes?  I need to say that again and again,  they are my favorite. 

OK,  Ty,  you had your turn,  now it is mine.  
Ty is a very special pup,  he has the BC stare and build.  He has a short tail,  Will ask the vet if natural  ( McNab breeding )  or if  it was docked.     He is medium energy for a BC pup and wants nothing more than to be with people.  He is good with other dogs and puppy good with cats.     He is crate trained,  has not had an accident in the house,  and is working on all sorts of skills.  He is just starting leash training.
Ty is up to date on shots.    We are fostering him for Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue.    He came from a shelter in Idaho.  He has,  Thanks to Ephie become a confident loving pup,  is now about 5 months old and looking for a home where he will be loved as a member of the family,  get lots of fun time with his people family members.    Here are links to 2 videos,  one of Ty playing with his flying Squirrel  and one with him playing with a ball,  then a cherry tomato  ( green )  and taking it to his pillow to eat.

No apartments for pups as their personality and if it would work in an apartment is not developed yet.
No unseen fences,  to many dogs are turned into fear biters by them.
He will not be adopted out as an outside only pup/dog.

If you are interested in Ty,  please to to and click on the Washington page and then scroll to his picture and click on it for a link to an application  and his adoption Bio.
I have not posted him yet on pnw,  will be doing so this evening  Saturday Sept 29th.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New foster pup June 2012

I am trying to find a good short name for this cutie.    He loves visiting through the fence with our dogs but is not sure what to think about people.   It is how a pup raised in a barn with little human contact acts.   Duke our new resident pup will be in the pictures also.  He is a digger.  You will see a cement walk.   Duke dug under it to the point the pup fits nicely there.  Rather than be touched by a human,  he hid there and I had to get town and reach way under to get a hold of his collar and bring him out.    We are filling in the hole made by Duke.
Hello pup,  my name is Cassie,  what is your name.

Yah,  Yah,  Duke but the water is over here.

Confab at the water dish,  Duke's head is under Cassie's Chin

I am not too sure about these weeds here.

Ok,  I will look at you if you insist but the dogs are a lot more fun.

All right all ready,  I am smiling,  are you happy?

Duke,  is she always like this?  first a video then this,  I am tired.

The above is a link to the best I could get at this time.  When he gains confidence with people,  I will get a much better video.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Joan is a Female Border Collie.  She is around 1 year old.    She was spotted running and could not be caught with one of those bear type traps that damage a leg so badly.   Three days later she was seen again  and this time she came to the person so he took her immediately to the shelter as she could not use her leg and it was a very serious wound. 
The shelter contacted Rescue and Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue Rep,  said they would accept her as a foster and take care of her leg.  
She went directly to the Vet's office and the next day,  she had surgery on her leg.   The tendons are damaged but the bone is not broken so only time will tell if her leg can be saved.  For right now,  it is stitched after being cleaned and   is slowly healing.      Below are some pictures of her that I took today.
Joan adores all people and being right with them is her favorite sport.

Joanie is trying to use her leg when walking so hoping there is a miracle and that she can at least use the let even if with a limp.

Joanie has had her tail docked  which is common in ranch dogs,  she is a smooth coat tri color and is smaller in size.

This and the next 3 shots are a series of pictures of her on the deck.  We had an Ice snow fall dusting the night before  called Brockle  and she loved it and loved rolling in it.   The series show her from a down through the roll.

and below where she decided to tast this stuff.

The Shelter called her Courage because she had so much will to live  but that name does not work to call her so she is Joan  ( of Arc )  commonly called Joanie.


If anyone wishes to help with her medical bills or those of other border collies,  please go to    and be sure to note it is for medical care for the Border Collie fund.
They have reps and homes for many breeds so if your interest is a different breed,  you can donate for that breed.     The adoption donation is normally $150  and it costs  almost $300 for the spay neuter and shots for foster dogs so even without special emergency surgery,  rescues can always use help.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet Freddie, soon to have a new name.

Freddie is between 15 and 20 weeks,  was purchased in the Walmart parking lot at 5 weeks old,  resold to a neighbor and then given to someone who could not stand seeing him outside all the time,   He could not keep him though because of dog limits so gave him to his mom who had the same problem.  She contacted the shelter and asked for info on a rescue.   She called and Freddie is now here.  soon he will be up for adoption.    I just took a few pix as he is a little scared of a house yet,  has learned in a few hours that crates are great and cats will play with him.     He will not be spending another night outside.
This one was taken after he had relaxed  and 6 salmon treats.

Here,  he is just a little worried about our dogs who are barking a welcome,  soon he was nose to nose with them.
Hey,  this guy gives me treats and scratches my ears,   I sure like this.
He will need to gain a little confidence,   learn a few dog language lessons from Cassie
who is our nannie dog and teaches pups how to get along with each other and other dogs.  She is a tremendous help when fostering pups.

watch for this pup and all other BCs for adoption on