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Breakfast Treat
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

D'Mac Pronounced Dee Mac

Doug has a new name to go with his new chance.    D is for Douglass  Mac for MacArthur.
D'Mac is about 18 months old and drop dead gorgeous but an unusual color that I have not had time to research on the Border Collie Museum site yet.     His face markings are not the standard ones.
Note the lines.  His face is a little lighter than this picture but the lines are not scowling,  they are just lines of black.  I was taking the picture into the light behind D'Mac  and it makes his face look darker than it is.

A little about this guy.  He is small and the first part of his life he lived with an elderly woman who got her kicks kicking him.  Of course he was not allowed inside a house.   Later she gave him to her grandson who was even more abusive with him.    Then to his rescue came a neighbor who asked for him and started to teach him that not all humans are mean and viscous.    Because of this,  he comes around much faster with men  and we are only hoping that he will accept women as that is required for him to get his new lease on life.
Luckily for us our son Wayde is staying with us right now and we are blessed with 4 children and grandchildren who are great with animals.    Poor D'Mac who was Doug then was so scared he would growl and snap at you if you came near the door of the crate  and it looked like he was going to need to go to the shelter.   We went to town and came back and Wayde had the door of the crate open,  he was sitting directly in front of it and Doug had his head in Wayde's lap.    We decided to work hard for a week and if he keeps improving,  we will be able to foster him for adoption.  
Wayde scratching D'Mac's ears

 D'Mac meets Cassie for the first time.

We have found that D'Mac will charge a cat while in the crate as it goes past so at this time he will not be loose in the house unless all cats are outside or safely locked in another room.  He greets other dogs correctly so far.

This is a link to a short video of D'Mac going on his first walk and meeting Anika.

If it had not been for the neighbor stepping in when he did,  this poor guy would have been truly lost.  The patients they showed to D'Mac means he does not have a bite history,  he is fearful and will warn people away but when living with that neighbor who saved him,  he also lived with small children and was good with them so D'Mac deserves a chance to learn to trust and have a family life.