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Breakfast Treat
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bandana gang pups

We only have 4 of the 8 pups left for adoption   but wanted to specially highlight one of them  I have never seen a lilac Border Collie pup before.   It took a while to recognize what he was going to be.   In the picture here,  he is only 8 weeks old and black and white with red tips on the black,  I was expecting champaign but no it started fading to where the black is getting grey and the red less difinite making lilac color.  
This pix of Ladd is from the 8 week stage. 
below is a link to the Border Collie museum pictures of lilac color BCs   Lad has very much faded to the color of the pup in the pix but with a smooth coat.  He is adorable and sweet.
Below are pix of his red and white,  tri color red and black and white siblings,  a very colorful litter indeed.

Note there are two pix with Kipper on them,  The above one was sent with the pups with that name on it and it said male.   Above really is Redetta  ( already adopted )  and below is the true Kipper Male
kipper is a tri color red with the most unusual eyebrows.
Mom was purebred,  residend dad was purebred,  no fence,  outside during heat.  All pups could possibly have different dads but they are a great litter and a good chance they are purebred also.