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Breakfast Treat
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bandana gang pups

We only have 4 of the 8 pups left for adoption   but wanted to specially highlight one of them  I have never seen a lilac Border Collie pup before.   It took a while to recognize what he was going to be.   In the picture here,  he is only 8 weeks old and black and white with red tips on the black,  I was expecting champaign but no it started fading to where the black is getting grey and the red less difinite making lilac color.  
This pix of Ladd is from the 8 week stage. 
below is a link to the Border Collie museum pictures of lilac color BCs   Lad has very much faded to the color of the pup in the pix but with a smooth coat.  He is adorable and sweet.
Below are pix of his red and white,  tri color red and black and white siblings,  a very colorful litter indeed.

Note there are two pix with Kipper on them,  The above one was sent with the pups with that name on it and it said male.   Above really is Redetta  ( already adopted )  and below is the true Kipper Male
kipper is a tri color red with the most unusual eyebrows.
Mom was purebred,  residend dad was purebred,  no fence,  outside during heat.  All pups could possibly have different dads but they are a great litter and a good chance they are purebred also.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

D'Mac Pronounced Dee Mac

Doug has a new name to go with his new chance.    D is for Douglass  Mac for MacArthur.
D'Mac is about 18 months old and drop dead gorgeous but an unusual color that I have not had time to research on the Border Collie Museum site yet.     His face markings are not the standard ones.
Note the lines.  His face is a little lighter than this picture but the lines are not scowling,  they are just lines of black.  I was taking the picture into the light behind D'Mac  and it makes his face look darker than it is.

A little about this guy.  He is small and the first part of his life he lived with an elderly woman who got her kicks kicking him.  Of course he was not allowed inside a house.   Later she gave him to her grandson who was even more abusive with him.    Then to his rescue came a neighbor who asked for him and started to teach him that not all humans are mean and viscous.    Because of this,  he comes around much faster with men  and we are only hoping that he will accept women as that is required for him to get his new lease on life.
Luckily for us our son Wayde is staying with us right now and we are blessed with 4 children and grandchildren who are great with animals.    Poor D'Mac who was Doug then was so scared he would growl and snap at you if you came near the door of the crate  and it looked like he was going to need to go to the shelter.   We went to town and came back and Wayde had the door of the crate open,  he was sitting directly in front of it and Doug had his head in Wayde's lap.    We decided to work hard for a week and if he keeps improving,  we will be able to foster him for adoption.  
Wayde scratching D'Mac's ears

 D'Mac meets Cassie for the first time.

We have found that D'Mac will charge a cat while in the crate as it goes past so at this time he will not be loose in the house unless all cats are outside or safely locked in another room.  He greets other dogs correctly so far.

This is a link to a short video of D'Mac going on his first walk and meeting Anika.

If it had not been for the neighbor stepping in when he did,  this poor guy would have been truly lost.  The patients they showed to D'Mac means he does not have a bite history,  he is fearful and will warn people away but when living with that neighbor who saved him,  he also lived with small children and was good with them so D'Mac deserves a chance to learn to trust and have a family life.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Elcee's story

Elcee. pronounced  L C  ( for Lucky Cat ) has a story about life so far and  for her is weeks old but for us,  only one and a half days.

Yesterday,  Bob put the dogs out for potty time and back in for breakfast  then back out for a second round of potty  etc.   Dave,  our foster who is still recouperating from Knee surgery  is separated in the Dog run which goes from the house to the garage enclosed by a chain link fence.   In the run,   the water is in a raised bowl and on the other side in the large dog enclosure,  it is on the ground.   

Dave kept barking at something unseen under the porch.  Bob decided that the frogs had returned for the year.  He came in and told me then decided the rag that Dyna had and was running with was too dirty for her to have and went to get it.  The poor kitten Dyna had was dead.  The kitten had gone through the chain link fence to get to the water on the ground.

We put all dogs back in in their crates and Bob decided to take the skirting off the front of the porch to see what was under there and there was the thinnest kitten about the size of a 3 to 4 week old kitten.   I brought her in and weighed her  and she weighed in at 9 oz.     Her teeth though, look like she is 8 to 10 weeks old so I knew she was starving.     I carried her right to the cat food dish with the kibble type food and she starting eating so fast  I had to remove her from the food.   Quick temp litter box and canned food and the bathroom set up for a kitten to get better.    
Since yesterday we have litterally been watching her grow and her personality blossom.
She started playing but mostly slept yesterday.  She was fed every 2 hours yesterday is smaller amounts and today I have stretched it to every 3 hours.    Today she is so much more like a 6 week old kitten.   I just weighed her.   Elcee weighs 1 pound 4 oz now.  No longer dehydrated nor starving.   I think for a week or so she will keep up the unusual growth rate then it will level out.   Of course BT,  our bob tail cat is taking her into his care as he does all the foster pups  so she is getting feline attention also.   She is being introduced to the safe dogs and protected from  Dyna and Tigg.  

This is close enough to Moses Lake and yet farm country that many cats are dumped here.   The mother of these kittens is feral and you cannot get near her but for the last week before we found the kitten,  the shop had a litter box full and empty food dishes every morning so mom is well fed and the kittens had learned about our brand of Cat food.     The thought of the rest of the litter starving or being a meal for one of the coyotes hurts but we only can do what we can.  

Both videos were taken yesterday when Elcee was so small and thin,  Picture her twice that size plus a little. 
Sweet,  loving and playful.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Someone Is Trying To Scam Rescues !!!!!!!!

Talk about abuse and a scam.   This person is not registered in her home state or any other state as a business.   She is not registered by the BBB.   She is sending out the below to legitimate rescues to get their information that is not public information on Petfinder & or Adopt a pet.   She then threatens them to give bad reports unless they contact her and fill out a report on their rescue  giving information that is not required by petfinder,      Of course there is a fee and   sales @   is the e-mail address ( without spaces ) that this letter is sent from.   Others in rescue in our area have replied and been told that if they leave any question unanswered it will be listed as "refused to answer"    Not unknown.    When the buisness that tracks checks in Seattle started up,  if someone had nothing negative on their record for checking,  that was the report,  nothing negative,  they did not contact all people with checking accounts and insist they give them personal info.       If they send a report to someone as  we have no information on this rescue,  OK  but if they say anything negative and do not have proof of that,  it would be defamation of character.   
Do not fall into this trap,  do not reply and please,  do report to this to your local police and FBI if you receive such a letter..
They are trying to get rescues to pay them fees for a good report when rescues need all their funds to save animals.   Most rescues like ours usually get enough donations to cover the medical expenses.  All other expenses come out of the foster parent's pocket.

Dear Rescue Organizations & Operations,
Note: For those of you that have already submitted your questionnaire or requested an extension, please disregard this message. All others please read on.

We are writing to announce Animal Rescue Report,™ a new service providing background history reports on animal rescue operations throughout the United States. Our hope and aim are to make potential adopters feel more secure in their transactions with rescue organizations and with this confidence to increase the potential adoption rate of pets in need.  

For persons wishing to donate to rescue organizations our reports provide invaluable information. We believe our customers should have the right to know who they are supporting and where their money is going.

Our database will house reports on over 25,000 rescue operations. Yours will be included. With that said, we have included a questionnaire that needs to be filled out so we can supply the most up-to-date information on your organization. The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking on the link provided below or by copying and pasting it into your browser. Please complete and submit this form no later than May 18, 2011. If for some reason you are unable to complete your form before this deadline please contact us at

Failure to submit the form by the above noted deadline without prior contact will result in a failure to report notation on your official record. This service is to benefit reputable rescue organizations and to bring to light operations that may be operating in less than favorable conditions. With that said, we need your input. 

Our reports reflect your organizations needs. In our questionnaire we have asked a series of questions relating to your operations. These questions are designed to show the areas in which your organization is most in need and the amount of help needed. These reports also reflect any public information we have gathered about your organization and incident reports that have been supplied to us from consumers or others who have dealt with your organization. A sample report can be viewed on our home page at Simply click on the report and follow the tabs located at the top of the page.

 Please answer all questions as accurately as possible as these answers will become part of your record. Failure to answer any of the required questions will result in a “refusal to answer” notation on your official report. As you know there are far too many pets without homes and far too many being bred into the system on an annual basis. It is our mission to collect and interpret data to help our customers to make good decisions when it comes to the purchase or adoption of a new animal. 

Animal Rescue Report collects data from rescue organizations, consumers, state departments of agriculture, judicial systems, humane organizations, and other governing agencies. 

It is our ultimate goal to provide glowing reports on all rescue organizations as it is our belief that doing so will benefit your organization and the animals in need. We hope one day to achieve that goal.

Animal Rescue Report wishes to stand behind you in your efforts to save the lives of our furry friends. We are a company dedicated to making consumers feel more confident in adopting from and dealing with reputable rescue organizations.

Animal Rescue Report wants to support your efforts by giving back. Twice per year Animal Rescue Report will be donating a percentage of proceeds back into the rescue industry. These monies will be disbursed amongst rescues that have maintained a good rating in our database.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and hope that with our combined efforts fewer pets will be in need of a home. Reports will be uploaded to our database and available for viewing as they are received. We urge you to take part in our mission and meet our deadline of May 18, 2011. Please feel free to contact us if you need help completing the questionnaire.

Best regards,
Animal Rescue Report
Customer Service   

Monday, January 10, 2011

Glynn was adopted Pix of his new digs

How we do miss out Glyn.   He is such a perfectly mannered 7 month old.
It didn't take him long to settle in and find a chicken to chew on.
He is learning all about the outdoors where there are trees,  chipmunks  and lots of beaches .
Did we mention lots of logs to climb over?
There are trails with trees so high he cannot see the sky,  that never happened in Moses Lake.
His house is a log cabin and he loves it.
Glyn loves to ride in cars  and go to work with Kimberlie his new mom.
Now it is time to go home and rest for his job tomorrow.