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Breakfast Treat
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Border Collies in Desperate need

 This is a copy from Gail Storm so it can be easily posted in Facebook,  For some reason it did not allow a share  so This way I can just post a link to this.
Gail's original Facebook post below.

If everyone would donate just $5, there would be enough money to to save these dogs, please help....
Here are pics of the dogs:    This  is the stills page  Click on slide show if you like.

First set of pics. Dogs are not in too bad of shape, except there are some malnourished looking puppies there. The man dumps out a 40 lb of Ol Roy every day and the dogs just eat it off the ground. The puppies can't compete with the big dogs too well. She was also worried that the youngest litter of puppies, 8 weeks old, are dehydrated, as they can't reach the water that is in the wading pools that are out.
Inside of house is filthy. more dogs inside that they did not get to see. She could not tell how many dogs there are but estimated 60.
The owner is very emotionally fragile, cried a lot. He and his former wife bought a pair of BC's from the Kuykendall Working Border Collies kennel ( and started out with them as their foundation dogs. His wife left him and left all the dogs.

The present dogs are not registered but they are all descended from these dogs from that line.

We received a request for help from BCR-TX as they have been hit with about 60 Border Collies in an emergency situation. There are many puppies. They have already pulled some of the pups, but need help for vetting and foster homes. All of us can make a difference for these dogs.
Please send donations, any size is appreciated.

Vetting is important esp. since in Texas they have heartworm, which we do not usually see around here too much, so I am sure each will need to be tested and put on preventative and that is only the beginning of the vetting needed for these dogs. Foster homes are needed, but once again there is the distance for BC Rescue TX and CA and adopters that are willing to help. So at this time $$ is needed help TX BCR. But with the help from many, we will be able to do it. So lets stand up now and help BCRTX in their needs to help these 60 Border Collies.

Please don't let another day go by without sending a donation (no matter how small) to them to help these Border Collies. Please send donations directly to: Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc., PO Box 1338, La Porte, TX 77572. You can also go to their website and give a donation via PayPal button. , they are a 501c3 organization.
All donations are deductable.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Smarty Pants

Glyn is now almost 5 months old and is doing well with his rehab surgery.     His exercises now also include play time with Dan who is 16 months old but not much bigger than Glyn.
He loves these sessions.   Yesterday I brought Dan in and put him in his crate to eat his lunch and turned Glyn loose in the room that Dan's crate opens into.   Glyn ran right over and proceded to open the slide latch and then pull the door open with his teeth.    Bob was sure it was a fluke  until he repeated the process with Bob watching this morning after breakfast.    Bob could not believe his eyes.  

Glyn knows how to use his teeth.
Today Glyn graduated to being able to play outside with Dan which will save a lot on the house.
I do believe Glyn is just about ready to go up for adoption.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Post

Hi,   I am a little new to this idea,    Mom says I can tell some stories about what happens in our house. 
We are a pack of 11 normally but mom and dad keep bring in a lot of company,  Those 4 legged ones.

I have to put up with 4 other dogs trying to get the ball before me  and 4 cats that sleep in my crate when I go outside.  Mom and dad bring home dogs that stay for a short time and leave and that is not as bad as when they bring home a whole bunch of them that need to learn how to behave and not walk in their food  and that they never nip at my heels.   Those puppy rascles can be very annoying. 

As you can tell it is a mad house here and today Mom was busy in the kitchen putting carrots in the plastic bags after putting them in a hot pan and then on Ice  and would you believe,  she only gave us each  a small piece of one instead of a whole big carrot.    

Well it is dinner time so I am going to eat before the new kid decides to eat all of mine.