Breakfast Treat

Breakfast Treat
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Glyn Too Smart for MY Own Good !!!

Glyn is one of the smartest pups I have ever worked with,  AHEM or as he would put it,  he is smarter than me.   Today  is last minute clean up and reorganizing the dining area and entry which we use for foster dogs and dog food  kitchen area.   I was down on my hands and knees cleaning the part of the floor that will be the crate area so I could move them there and of course Glyn was right there watching every move of that rag.  Actually there were 3 rags,  One to clean with,  one to rinse with and one to dry as much as possible with.   

When finished with this ,  I put the cleaning rag in the pail  and put the other two rags up.   I checked my e-mail and facebook page then went back to move the crates to their new spots which will close off one arch way and I saw water on the floor in an unusual pattern.    Glyn had taken that rag and remopped the same area,  no other area  and then neatly laid the rag in a pile in the middle of a small rug between the dining and Kitchen area.   It is drying again and all rags are hidden from Glyn,  My mopping helper, NOT!!
Glyn was sleeping after his hard work.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Rascal's plans.

Each morning  and mid afternoon,  Cassie comes  out on the deck and in the Kitchen to play with Glyn.  

Cassie is our nanny dog who mothers litters of foster pups and teaches them about how to play with other dogs.  

Today Glyn and Cassie hatched a plan.   Bob only has one eye he sees with.   Bob opened the gate to let Cassie out into the yard  ( She was sitting right there )  and he figured the streak that went in the house was Glyn and of course that streak that tore into the yard was Cassie.

A little later he was hearing noises in the dining room and went in to see what Glyn     AHEM   Cassie was up to.    He went out right away to find Glyn running as fast as he could racing with the other dogs and bad leg and all,  he was keeping up.   Bob had to lure him out of the yard with Dan,  his favorite playmate. 

They tricked Bob and had a blast. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That Darn Cat

BT  is a wonderful cat most of the time.  He traines pups to love and play reasonably well with cats.
He needs to be with people more than most cats do.

And leaves his fur where ever the cushion is soft and it smells like mom.
He also likes to play on the deck

while the other cats watch him
So why could anyone ever call him a darn cat??
He likes to over eat,  bring it back up and leave it for me to clean up.
Will he do that on a hard surface?
Always on the rug.
Not even a pup accident is as hard to get out of a rug.

Yesterday I spent the day moving furniture to one end of the family room to shampoo the rug at the other end.  I put towels over the rug where ever anyone would walk to protect it until it was totally dry.
This morning at 5 am  I came out of the bedroom to see 3 of BT's over eating left overs not  on the towels but on the newly shampood carpet. 
Today his name is darned cat until I see him playing with our current foster pup and  16 month old foster and then it will be  that wonderful cat again.