Breakfast Treat

Breakfast Treat
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Monday, December 27, 2010


                   It seems such a short time ago you were  celebrating your first Birthday!!
          And you celebrated it in style not just by taking your first step but just taking off walking.

In the blink of an eye,  we were celebrating your second Birthday
I turned around and you were starting School.   Your first day at school  and all dressed up.
You loved your animals and showing horses.

What a Beautiful bride you were.

 You became a mother of three great children
And are now a grandmother

You have brought much joy to our lives.  Love you much,  Hope you have had a wonderful day filled with your family and friends.   Sending hugs and love,  Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Octopup's Great Escape Adventure.

Who would believe 7 pups at 9 weeks old could plot how to escape. 
This is our entry hall.   the distance from the door to the wall with the china cabinet is 14 feet  and it is 5 foot wide.     The pups two wire crates are not visible,  they are behind the couch filling in the space created by the archway.    I had the cement block you see the end of on it's side with others and the on end gate closest was before today was correctly aligned on top of the blocks to give added height.     The black crate you can barely see was part of their plot and the rear gate was not in the pix until to day.

Now on with their story.  
Yesterday,  Bob decided to make farmer's bread and needed to mix a batter like a quick sour dough batter so he could make the bread today.    He was mixing that batter in the Kitchen.  I was out in the Garage talking to Heather who had stopped by to return two borrowed crates from a previous transport.   Bob came out to tell us that all of the pups had escaped.    What???  Outside???  Where ???
He suddenly saw two of the pups in the Kitchen so looked from the kitchen through the dining room to the pup area and no pups.    He put the two kitchen pups in a crate and found two more in the front room.   They went in the second crate.   He called pup pup and 3 more appeared and he put them in but could not understand how they escaped.  
The ring leader,  he looks so innocent doesn't he?    Santa Paws pay attention here.

This morning,  our granddaughter came to pick up a couple of things and visit the pups.    When she was leaving one of the pups suddenly appeared in the front room,  Guess who,   Marti  ( for smarty pants )   I put him back and we started to go out again and Marti was right there again !!!   In the crate for you mister,  and we said our good byes to Jo.    I put Marti in with the other pups again and came to the computer to check my e-mail,  It was still early,  I had not even had my breakfast.  Chores are first.    I watched Marti climb the Black wire crate,  pick his way across the top and then inch over to an end table  ( oval with lamp attached )  then across the throw pillow onto the couch and down.   All the pups were in an uproar and Marti went back on the couch and was encouraging them to crawl out the same way he did.   It must have been what happened Yesterday !!!!.  

Note again the top pix.   Those two green weights are holding a board in place so when they climb the crate  they will only bump their heads on a board and not be able to get on top.  Gates are on sides to make them taller and chained to the crate to keep them in place.   Boards are on top of their living crates to keep them from going over the top into the dining room and all the dog food.      They let me know they do not like the changes.    Truthfully,  I don't either because I can't stop by and reach down and pet them as easily but do not let them know.  

I was going to tell them  " There now you won't be able to escape"  but changed my mind because they are just smart enough to take it as a dare and find a way and I need a few days mental rest without smarter than a pup.    
Breakfast was at 12:30pm and just a bowl of Quaker Oat Trail mix with Milk.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Puppy Fun !!

Today was one of the few days warm enough and dry enough for the pups to play outside.   And a miracle happened,  I remembered to put my camera in my pocket.  
These are pix of their fun. 
A picnic lunch is the first order of business

Where did the others go?

Off to the races

I has the ball,  you do not get it!!

If I am quiet,  I can sneak up and get what he has.

That sure is  a big and noisy thing moving out there.

The raised Island in the corner is their favorite jungle gym area.   I cannot get good close ups except in a container because if not far away,  they are on top of me and that close does not look good. 
They had a blast,  came in and slept less than a half hour and tore around their area inside.  It sounds like a storm day or two so no more pix for a while.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lost BC in Cle Elum after Accident.

ARRF Animal Rescue

ARRF Animal Rescue Here is another picture of Tierra who when missing yesterday when her family's car rolled on I90 in Cle Elum and she was thrown but walked away towards downtown Cle Elum. She is on the small side of around 35 pounds. Call me ASAP if you have seen her. 509-304-4805


Monday, November 29, 2010

Glyn Too Smart for MY Own Good !!!

Glyn is one of the smartest pups I have ever worked with,  AHEM or as he would put it,  he is smarter than me.   Today  is last minute clean up and reorganizing the dining area and entry which we use for foster dogs and dog food  kitchen area.   I was down on my hands and knees cleaning the part of the floor that will be the crate area so I could move them there and of course Glyn was right there watching every move of that rag.  Actually there were 3 rags,  One to clean with,  one to rinse with and one to dry as much as possible with.   

When finished with this ,  I put the cleaning rag in the pail  and put the other two rags up.   I checked my e-mail and facebook page then went back to move the crates to their new spots which will close off one arch way and I saw water on the floor in an unusual pattern.    Glyn had taken that rag and remopped the same area,  no other area  and then neatly laid the rag in a pile in the middle of a small rug between the dining and Kitchen area.   It is drying again and all rags are hidden from Glyn,  My mopping helper, NOT!!
Glyn was sleeping after his hard work.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Rascal's plans.

Each morning  and mid afternoon,  Cassie comes  out on the deck and in the Kitchen to play with Glyn.  

Cassie is our nanny dog who mothers litters of foster pups and teaches them about how to play with other dogs.  

Today Glyn and Cassie hatched a plan.   Bob only has one eye he sees with.   Bob opened the gate to let Cassie out into the yard  ( She was sitting right there )  and he figured the streak that went in the house was Glyn and of course that streak that tore into the yard was Cassie.

A little later he was hearing noises in the dining room and went in to see what Glyn     AHEM   Cassie was up to.    He went out right away to find Glyn running as fast as he could racing with the other dogs and bad leg and all,  he was keeping up.   Bob had to lure him out of the yard with Dan,  his favorite playmate. 

They tricked Bob and had a blast. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That Darn Cat

BT  is a wonderful cat most of the time.  He traines pups to love and play reasonably well with cats.
He needs to be with people more than most cats do.

And leaves his fur where ever the cushion is soft and it smells like mom.
He also likes to play on the deck

while the other cats watch him
So why could anyone ever call him a darn cat??
He likes to over eat,  bring it back up and leave it for me to clean up.
Will he do that on a hard surface?
Always on the rug.
Not even a pup accident is as hard to get out of a rug.

Yesterday I spent the day moving furniture to one end of the family room to shampoo the rug at the other end.  I put towels over the rug where ever anyone would walk to protect it until it was totally dry.
This morning at 5 am  I came out of the bedroom to see 3 of BT's over eating left overs not  on the towels but on the newly shampood carpet. 
Today his name is darned cat until I see him playing with our current foster pup and  16 month old foster and then it will be  that wonderful cat again.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Border Collies in Desperate need

 This is a copy from Gail Storm so it can be easily posted in Facebook,  For some reason it did not allow a share  so This way I can just post a link to this.
Gail's original Facebook post below.

If everyone would donate just $5, there would be enough money to to save these dogs, please help....
Here are pics of the dogs:    This  is the stills page  Click on slide show if you like.

First set of pics. Dogs are not in too bad of shape, except there are some malnourished looking puppies there. The man dumps out a 40 lb of Ol Roy every day and the dogs just eat it off the ground. The puppies can't compete with the big dogs too well. She was also worried that the youngest litter of puppies, 8 weeks old, are dehydrated, as they can't reach the water that is in the wading pools that are out.
Inside of house is filthy. more dogs inside that they did not get to see. She could not tell how many dogs there are but estimated 60.
The owner is very emotionally fragile, cried a lot. He and his former wife bought a pair of BC's from the Kuykendall Working Border Collies kennel ( and started out with them as their foundation dogs. His wife left him and left all the dogs.

The present dogs are not registered but they are all descended from these dogs from that line.

We received a request for help from BCR-TX as they have been hit with about 60 Border Collies in an emergency situation. There are many puppies. They have already pulled some of the pups, but need help for vetting and foster homes. All of us can make a difference for these dogs.
Please send donations, any size is appreciated.

Vetting is important esp. since in Texas they have heartworm, which we do not usually see around here too much, so I am sure each will need to be tested and put on preventative and that is only the beginning of the vetting needed for these dogs. Foster homes are needed, but once again there is the distance for BC Rescue TX and CA and adopters that are willing to help. So at this time $$ is needed help TX BCR. But with the help from many, we will be able to do it. So lets stand up now and help BCRTX in their needs to help these 60 Border Collies.

Please don't let another day go by without sending a donation (no matter how small) to them to help these Border Collies. Please send donations directly to: Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc., PO Box 1338, La Porte, TX 77572. You can also go to their website and give a donation via PayPal button. , they are a 501c3 organization.
All donations are deductable.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Smarty Pants

Glyn is now almost 5 months old and is doing well with his rehab surgery.     His exercises now also include play time with Dan who is 16 months old but not much bigger than Glyn.
He loves these sessions.   Yesterday I brought Dan in and put him in his crate to eat his lunch and turned Glyn loose in the room that Dan's crate opens into.   Glyn ran right over and proceded to open the slide latch and then pull the door open with his teeth.    Bob was sure it was a fluke  until he repeated the process with Bob watching this morning after breakfast.    Bob could not believe his eyes.  

Glyn knows how to use his teeth.
Today Glyn graduated to being able to play outside with Dan which will save a lot on the house.
I do believe Glyn is just about ready to go up for adoption.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Post

Hi,   I am a little new to this idea,    Mom says I can tell some stories about what happens in our house. 
We are a pack of 11 normally but mom and dad keep bring in a lot of company,  Those 4 legged ones.

I have to put up with 4 other dogs trying to get the ball before me  and 4 cats that sleep in my crate when I go outside.  Mom and dad bring home dogs that stay for a short time and leave and that is not as bad as when they bring home a whole bunch of them that need to learn how to behave and not walk in their food  and that they never nip at my heels.   Those puppy rascles can be very annoying. 

As you can tell it is a mad house here and today Mom was busy in the kitchen putting carrots in the plastic bags after putting them in a hot pan and then on Ice  and would you believe,  she only gave us each  a small piece of one instead of a whole big carrot.    

Well it is dinner time so I am going to eat before the new kid decides to eat all of mine.